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The artificial lift system is a process used in oil wells to increase the pressure inside the well and raise oil to the Surface When the natural energy of the reservoir is not strong enough to push the oil to the surface, artificial systems are used to recover more oil production.


We are partners in the realization of the objectives of increasing the production of our customers by providing solutions of Artificial Production Systems. Our ability to support clients in the field is fundamental in this regard, and our field experience is very strong, based on the roots operations of our operations service and support teams.


We facilitate shared communication throughout the company, ensuring that Our products are designed to meet the application and operational requirements in the field. The experience in applications of integral pumps of Salomon Energy allows us to design and consistently deliver highly functional systems.


Supplier and Services Provider of a comprehensive range of equipments for Offshore and Onshore in the Oil & Gas sector.



With Jet pump systems, the oil or water produced by a well is recycled for use as a power fluid. Specific equipment of surface and downhole are essential for a complete system. The sub-surface Jet pump is what transfers energy and movement, mixing the power fluid with the well fluid to produce the combined fluid on the surface. To condition, clean and pressurize the power fluid, a well-designed surface equipment is required, we manufacture from the three-phase separator with its meters and complement the gas or diesel engine according to the customer’s requirement.

The Salomon Energy multi-phase pump is a double-acting, duplex piston pump that is capable of handling up to 250,000 BOEPD of water, oil and gas mixtures. Our pump can handle up to 99.5% Gas Volume Fraction (GVF) continuously, it can operate at 100% GVF intermittently. This pump can be designed up to a differential pressure of 700 PSI and a working pressure of up to 1,440 PSI. Our design allows the pump to run at a very low speed; less than 15 RPM, as well as handling solids, high temperatures and high amounts of H2S. Our casing, pistons and linings can be Made from a variety of materials to suit any application pumping. The sealing of the shaft is a practical and simple design that used in critical wells worldwide.

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